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Mallorca Party Schlager Beat 2021

ca 130 BPM

Bass House Style Beat

~124 BPM

Relaxed Schlager Instrumental

124 BPM

Beach Party Schlager Hit

ca 130 BPM

Mallorca Summer Beat

137 BPM

Clueso - Leider Berlin Instrumental

120 BPM

Tobee Style Instrumental

140 BPM

Breaking Me Instrumental

122 BPM

Vize Easy Peasy Instrumental

145 BPM

In Your Eyes Remake

123 BPM

Möge die Straße Beat

140 BPM

Mallorca Party Instrumental

133 BPM

Stereoact Type Beat

124 BPM

German Schlager "Michael"

124 BPM

Schlager "Vanessa Mai" Beat

128 BPM

German Party Schlager 2020 Beat

130 BPM

Finch Asozial Type Beat

82 BPM

German Party Schlager 2021 Beat

130 BPM

Mer Losse Dr Dom En Kölle Mix

115-145 BPM

Pop Style Instrumental Beat

123 BPM

Sarah Lombardi Type Beat

125 BPM

Mallorca Party Schlager Beat

133 BPM

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